My brain is there to support you alongside your work.
The initial meeting

The most important step is to meet ideally over a coffee to see if I am the right person for what you need and how you work

The Brain download

Over a large piece of paper and some felt-tip pens, we get all of your ideas out of your head. It is a visual think-through. Giving you clarity and understanding of where you are and how it all fits together.


You take away a map capturing your thinking, which you can revisit or share as a starting block to build on.

The brain download is offered as a one-off visual think-through for you. It is also available for feral teams needing to get on the same page.

Visual notes


Thoughts and ideas are captured in drawings. These are sent to you after each meeting for your reference.

Regular 1-2-1 meetings


These are regular meetings to capture your thoughts, reflect on where you are and where you need to go. Supportive prodding will occur at times.

Phone, email and Skype support

Available when you need a sounding board.

Adhoc WTF

Meetings to cover unexpected adventures when the universe boots you up the bum.

Annual review / Year ahead


As we gallop along, this is time to reflect on where you have come from and a refocus on where you are heading.

"It's permission to take a couple of hours out of the business. I can throw ideas around and Alison encourages me to jump into the fire and be bold!"
Sophie Mather, Material Futurist and Founder, Biov8tion Ltd.